I combine photography and digital art to manipulate reality

Welcome to Vincent Alain Photography & Design located in Orlando, Florida. I specialize in Portrait Photography and Graphic Design. I combine Photography with digital art to manipulate reality. I utilized both on-location and studio sessions for my work, depending on the session requirements. Please take a look around my portfolio and website. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do! Check back often for updates as they become available.

Updated pages and content will be coming over the next couple of weeks. There will be expanded services offered for Design packages that I will be including separately and in-combination with Photography services.

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Show off your hard work and dedication to that fitness life, and choose one of my sessions today. I will ensure that you look your absolute best, and combine the enhanced lighting setups. 

All of my sessions include professional retouching and color correction services included. Particular to the image and concept the style would be slightly modified to accommodate the differences of the images individually. Overall the final proofs will have a cohesive look to them. We discuss pre-shoot the concepts, wardrobe, and accessories of the session.


A model’s portfolio is their link to clients and paid work. Ensure that you have the best shots to showcase your current portraits. Most agencies like to see images from 6 months or less. Get your portfolio updated today!

Current trends in the industry have the modeling industry at a higher saturation of models looking for work. Ensure that you stand out from the rest with inspiring images created for you with Vincent Alain Photography. I will discuss the best options for the shoot and work with you to create amazing art.


Professional business portraits are the best way to stand out from the rest of the pack. For business purposes it’s a critical step to have updated portraits, for use with marketing material, LinkedIn, and email signatures. For clients in all different aspects it’s very important. 

My business clients have the ability to host a mobile studio at their office, to accommodate a multi-person discount. Or if you prefer a more natural setting of outdoor lighting I can also accommodate. Both choices make a very big impact within the needs of the business. Contact me today to discuss your next office portrait needs.

real estate

A property that is for sale is included with Realtor’s MLS listing, and the ability for showings is directly related to the images of the property. It’s really important to showcase the best assets and features of the property in a professional setting.

Properties are selling and the Real Estate market is booming! The increased saturation of the market have it easier and harder to sell and buy properties. Professional images really push the percentage of houses being sold on the market today. Ensure that your property is seen and the open houses are packed.

general F.A.Q.

I’m 100% all digital studio, and my camera is a Canon 6D along with a various selection of lens choices. Those will vary depending on the shooting situation. For studio lighting setups, I utilize 4 strobe units and various different modifiers that produce effects and shape the light.

When I’m editing I work with Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 software to produce the final high-resolution images.

I work very closely with models and clients to discuss all the pre-shoot questions and concepts. I usually develop a “mood board” to visualize the goals for the session. The client and I discuss all the different aspects and lighting setups that will be accomplished during the shoot.

For the clients or models I recommend to not shave or wax for several days before the shoot in order to reduce razor burn or bumps. Of course any imperfections on the day of the shoot will be corrected in post-production editing.

During the shoot, I will assist the model in posing concepts and ideas. It’s my job to invoke the mood and facial expressions that I’m looking to convey in the shot. Just be open, and most of all have FUN!

The clothing choices for the session would vary depending on the particulars of the session. I discuss the session goals with each and every client and then provide the clothing choices for those. Here are some basic sugguestions:

  • Button down shirt
  • Tee-Shirt
  • Tank-top
  • White v-neck
  • Jeans
  • Swimwear/Underwear
  • Shoes & accessories

I sugguest to keep patterns to a minimal, and avoid large logos if possible to keep distractions low. The main focus of the portrait should be you as the subject and not the clothing. Unless the focus was on a fashion portfolio and then the situation would be different.

These suggestions are just the basics, accessories and other items are also something we can discuss one-on-one.

Depending on the agreement per the contract is when it would be determine when the final images would be delivered. Normally it’s between 2-3 week turn around time in most instances.

Final images are provided to a secured online gallery for final image selections. The digitals are provided to a link via email for download. Be aware that I’m not responsible to archive the images if the finals are lost. Please keep multiple copies of the final images.

Exclusive photo shoots for everybody

Vincent Alain Photography offers sessions that are custom to the needs of the client. I provide base starting packages that have a set number of final proofs, but have the ability to be with multiple outfits. Sessions can include both in-studio and on-location setups. If you have any questions please contact me directly to discuss your next session with me.